Immersive Video Codecs for Entertainment & Social XR:
Solutions and Deployment Challenge

Rendering technologies have been used by the video community for many years, and new technologies are emerging to create, distribute and render immersive or volumetric video content. Volumetric videos enable a more immersive video experience by adding a layer of depth and parallax to a wide array of content, whether it be 3D meshes, point clouds, multi-views with depth, multiplane images, or computer-generated holograms.

Given recent developments, members of the MPEG standardization community can now utilize standards like video-based point cloud compression (V-PCC) and MPEG Immersive Video (MIV) under the visual, volumetric video-based coding (V3C) framework to support current processing of immersive video, while forthcoming formats like Dynamic Mesh will soon complement this toolbox.

The use of VR, AR, and other immersive technologies will have huge impacts on enhancing media and entertainment experiences, and the deployment of these technologies will benefit emerging extended reality (XR) use cases in Smart Cities and for co-presence. Immersive video codecs will equip XR environments to support new co-working and remote communication tools, while deployment of these experiences still face a number of challenges, like development of content creation and editing tools, establishing live encoding and distribution platforms, supporting network architectures, and establishing proper rendering device capabilities.

This panel will introduce the current landscape of immersive codecs technologies and invite industry stakeholders to detail their vision for immersive video codecs and plan to overcome potential deployment challenges.

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In this conference, we will hear the following speakers:

-Nichaolas ROUTHIER on « Stereoscopic rendering – optimizing the last mile of the immersive experience ».

-Xavier DUCLOUX on « Cloud-based processing and delivery of Live Immersive Media ».

-Jill BOYCE on « Immersive video codecs for entertainment and social xr: solutions and deployment challenge ».

-Didier DOYEN on « Immersive Video Codecs Standard Landscape ».

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