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Stereopsia EUROPE is an international forum dedicated to immersive technologies and content.

The forum was created in 2009. Every year in December, Stereopsia features top-level thematic conferences in 4 tracks: Tech & Industry, Culture & Heritage, New Narratives, and Science, panels with international experts, a scientific conference, showcases & demos, networking opportunities, coaching & pitching sessions for XR projects and XR start-ups, and a competition for the best XR contents produced in Europe, and a glitzy Awards Ceremony where the fabulous Crystal Owl® Awards are handed out. In 2020, Stereopsia went virtual with avatars on a dedicated social VR platform, created by German-based company INVR.SPACE. It hold it its first Latin American edition in October 2021. 

Stereopsia EUROPE features keynotes, panels, awards competitions, booster labs, B2B, an exhibition, and XR showcases.

Stereopsia is one of the founders of the XR4Europe Association, and the EUROFEST XR Network.

This forum is an excellent example of cross-fertilization between very diverse audiences who are not used to meeting one another. Attendees come from different backgrounds, such as science, industry, content, culture, and the general audience.

Stereopsia loves building bridges between audiences.

Companies and institutions who attended previous editions of Stereopsia:

  • In previous editions, speakers included Stan Larroque (LYNX), Tupac Martir (SATORE STUDIOS), Frédéric Lecompte (BackLight), Michael Ludden (BOSE), Sven Bliedung (Volucap),  Antoine Cayrol (AtlasV), Rafael Pavon, Kane Lee (Baobab Studios), Philippe Bornstein (Netineo and XR.PLUS), Ioana Matei (Procter&Gamble), Ravi Velhal (Intel), Liz Rosenthal (on XR business and ROI), Wim Buyens (Cinionic/BARCO), Louis Cacciuttolo (VRrOOm), Antony Vitillo (New Technology Walkers), Alexandre Regeffe (RSHIFT), John Canning (Digital Domain), Thomas Aichinger (Scopeaudio), Bob Cooney, Cathline Smoos (ImbueVR), Danielle Giroux (Astrea Immersive), François Fripiat (Demute), Sönke Kirchhof (INVR.space), Valerie Allié (Interdigital), Déborah Papiernik (Ubisoft), Michel Reilhac (Venice Biennale College Cinema ), Anne Bajart (European Commission), Max Salomon (Black Dot Films VR),…