The Immersive Cultural Heritage MAP

This Round Table brings together professionals from cultural institutions, museum, tourism actors, academic experts and developers of phygital experiences, meaning experiences where the physical world and the digital world meet.

The aim of the round table is to exchange points of view in order to perceive the needs and constraints of both parties and to define collaborative practices

This round table is a first step to identify these issues and to outline possible answers, including the future map of Brussels’ immersive cultural offer created by XR4Heritage.

The immersive cultural experiences listed will be tourist attractions that immerse visitors in an alternative reality. The map will only contain cultural or heritage-related experiences, and its primary goal is to give the general public an overview of the diversity of this new generation of cultural events. Each experience will further be characterized by 3 factors of immersion: its gamification, its narration and its technological device.

The aim in the longer term is to create a permanent desk that will provide practical and legal tools and information to develop and strengthen the European distribution of technological solutions, as well as co-production, subsidy and fundraising opportunities for Brussels and European cultural innovators in Belgium.

Participation in the Round Table is by invitation only and can be requested to g.bueken@gmail.com.