Mohamed ZOGHLAMI is a Consultant in Development & Strategic Analysis, Specialized in Creative Industries in Africa. He’s also the Co-Founder of Afric’Up and Africa in Colors, a Member of the Scientific Council of Afria – Francophone Agency for Artificial Intelligence, and the Honorary President of CAVIE – African Center for Economic Intelligence.
He has worked in the European Institutions, and managed Externans International, a consultancy specializing in development and cooperation with emerging countries, particularly in the Mediterranean and Africa.
At the same time, through his company Axismed, he invests in different projects, in the training school 3DNetinfo, the DigiArt Living Lab, the video game with SaphirProd, in the EdTech with Sewelo….
Afric’Up is the first African startup summit, and Africa in Colors is a digital platform and African event dedicated to digital creative industries in Rwanda.
Mohamed ZOGHLAMI is an expert in digital creative industries for the Africa 2020 Summit organized in France on African cultures.