Gwenaël ALLAN

For the past 30 years, Gwenaël ALLAN has nurtured a singular entrepreneurial career path promoting and producing a hybrid mix of spectacles worldwide. The vast combination of experiences has endowed him with an acute insight into market trends and a chance to create a vast network of resources within the global experience economy.

Prior to founding The GAAP Management and Bookings Ltd in London in early 1998 (www.thegaap.com), he built his international entertainment career by playing a part in some of the most innovative and profitable entertainment companies, hybrid shows and or exhibitions that have come to life over these past 3 decades that include international brands and properties such Cirque du Soleil, Sony Entertainment (Mandalay), De la Guarda, Tiger Aspect UK, The Jim Henson Company, Just for Laughs, Cités-Cinés, Slava’s Snowshow, Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse de Paris, Hello Kitty,… His pursuit for new and meaningful experiences has led to conceiving and producing “Sensory Odyssey” in co-production with the Natural History Museum of France. This new brand of immersive and naturalistic “Spectacular Expeditions” merges digital art, cinema, interactive technologies, sensorial techniques and cognitive sciences to generate acute sensory powers to perceive the imperceptible links which connect us to all living things while generating sensations of awe and empathy.

The drive in producing Sensory Odyssey comes from years of observation and hikes in nature along with a growing curiosity for discoveries in the vast field of life sciences. Gwenaël firmly believes that entertainment and wonder, with a touch of poetry can be a powerful tool to sensitize global audiences to the laws of nature, and emphasize lasting values to better prepare for the changes our society is undergoing.