Danielle GIROUX

Danielle Giroux joined Atlas V under the wing of founder Antoine Cayrol to be part of the team dedicated to paving the way for the distribution of immersive content in digital and physical spaces. Growing the catalog of VR experiences, the new distribution branch Astrea Immersive has a diverse selection of over 50 projects, each with a bespoke distribution strategy that combines publishing on streaming platforms, publishing with international broadcasters, partnering with cultural institutions for in person immersive exhibitions, localization, online marketing, and more. Heading this team, Danielle is passionate about making immersive stories as accessible to as many people as possible in as many ways as possible.

Founded by the Atlas V team, Astrea is the first global immersive distributor. We combine our expertises in publishing, localisation, communication, and international licensing in the diffusion of our diverse catalog of the most awarded immersive storytelling and gaming experiences in the industry. Astrea’s core values are rooted in the power of storytelling through innovative technologies.