Why meet the Flemish XR Ecosystem?

Since 2018, we have been organizing XR Connect’ Wallonia. This event is a one-day event that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the XR sector in Wallonia. It brings together the various Walloon companies and clusters to raise awareness of the opportunities and applications of immersive technologies.

Stereopsia, an international event yet with a Belgian identity, has the ambition to organize a similar event in Flanders next year. In order to organize something relevant for the Flemish XR Ecosystem, we have decided to invite Flemish companies and decision-makers to a Brainstorming session during Stereopsia in December to identify their needs and expectations of such an event.

In partnership with XRValley and XR4Europe, this exercise will allow us to keep federating the actors of the XR sector. We indeed intend to organize a Board Meeting at the beginning of 2022 to analyze the results of the session and start the creation of XR Connect’ Vlaanderen.

Participation in the Round Table is by invitation only and can be requested by filling in the questionnaire: