The Swiss ski resort of Flims Laax Falera is not only one of the largest ski resorts in Switzerland, it is also the home of film producer Ditti Bürgin and storyteller Linard Bardill. The characters of Ami Sabi and his friends created by Linard Bardill developed into mascots of the ski resort.

In order to strengthen the tourist summer offer in the region, the municipality and the operators of the ski area, the Weisse Arena Group, decided to build the “Senda dil Dragun”, the “Dragon Trail”, and to retell the story of Ami Sabi there using XR technologies. So how can the mascots of winter be turned into an attraction for the region in summer with XR technologies?

Ditti Bürgin entrusted this task to Brandatmosphere and Planetenraum GmbH and Studio Deussen, who took the lead for the development and programming of the XR Experiences. Tim Deussen gives us insights into the development of this project and answers the following questions, among others:

-What do you need to consider when – as on the Dragon Path – the story is to be experienced through both linear and interactive story elements?
-Which XR technologies, AR or VR, are best suited to create an XR experience for the whole family?
-Which shooting techniques, such as motion capture or volumetric shots, are required for production and what needs to be considered?

Tim Deussen shows XR storyliving as a dynamic and lively process that opens up many new production, experience and business opportunities, not only on the Dragon Trail.

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