Venice Biennale International Film Festival

Michel is an immersive story teller, making films in Virtual Reality, creating participatory experiences in real life and across media. He is the founding Curator of Venice VR, the official competition of creative VR content for the Venice Biennale International Film Festival. He is head of studies for the Venice Biennale College Cinema and for the Venice Biennale College Cinema VR. He is a curator of the VR section for Seriesmania in Lille. He lectures, coaches and produces on immersive media. He was formerly a dancer, executive director for several national dance and theatre institutions in France, head of the Forum des Images in Paris between 1992 and 2001, head of cinema (acquisitions and production of 30 independent films each year between 2002 and 2012). He was named Man of the Year in film in 2013 by the French trade Le Film Français. He is currently working on setting up an international and pan-African writers residency in the island of Lamu, Kenya.