2020 is changing the game when it comes to hosting events and let’s admit it, this new reality of online communication can sometimes feel cold and distant. Virtual discussions do not deliver the same emotional connectivity as our real-world experiences. That is why we need to be creative and resourceful to turn the online world into something valuable for everyone.

Stereopsia is known as being the friendliest XR event and we want to keep it that way. Arranging, adapting, and facilitating a virtual event requires the same effort and loving care as a physical event. The Stereopsia Team is working hard to offer you the best online experience.

Next to the top-notch conferences programmed this year, Stereopsia will also provide its participants with scheduled networkingtimes in the agora of its virtual platform. Let’s all meet at the Stereopsia bar on Tuesday 15 at 9PMCET to share a virtual beer and give virtual high-fives. XR4ALL will also hand out its XR Stars to the “XR solution provider”, the “XR investor”, and the “XR user” of the year. And we invite you to join us at the Awards Ceremony where winners of the scientific community, projects in development, and XR content will be recognized in front of their peers on Wednesday 16 December at 8PM CET. The Ceremony will be followed by another networking time in the agora at 9PM CET.

A LinkedIn page and event were created for everyone who wants to keep in touch during and after the event. An amazing opportunity for us all to meet and connect with each other and keep the friendly spirit of Stereopsia alive through our screens.

Let’s all meet virtually on 15 and 16 December.