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XR for Causes

  • 16 December 2020

For several years now, people or organizations wishing to communicate the causes they are fighting for have been using the new media that have emerged over the last 20 years. More recently, we have seen the use of XR, and more specifically VR and 360° filming, which provide viewers with an immersive experience that creates an emotional environment that supports these causes. The aim of this conference is to share the points of view between those who commissioned this content with humanitarian objectives and those who produced it. What are the limits of XR, what are its rules and how will future communication actions explore them?



  • "Raising Awareness" is not enough anymore - Think beyond passive empathy, Céline Tricart (Lucid Dreams Productions, USA)
  • Harnessing XR for building a sense of shared humanity, Nimrod Shamit (Blimey, Canada)
  • Co-creating impact for the XR industry, Marta Ordeig (Garage Stories, USA&Spain)
  • Openness as a strategical advantage : how WebXR and open-source sustainably push the boundaries of innovation, Fabien Benetou (European Parliament Innovation lab, Belgium)
  • Creators are changemakers: how creators are leveraging XR for Social Impact, Amy Zimmerman (Unity Technologies, Canada)

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