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VR inSight

  • 16 December 2020

VRinSight is a research project involving 7 partners from education and industry with the goal of spearheading VR technology in higher business management education and higher education generally across the universities of Europe. The project has created a modular curriculum that can be integrated into existing university programmes as well as developing a unique VR training programme to train university academics and staff in the use of VR. The conference is part of the Track "How to Train Future XR Professionals". These are the lessons learnt from the VRinSight Training Programme in Higher Education.


A purpose-built VR application and platform were created to teach learners the first steps in using VR and integrating this technology into a higher education setting. By targeting higher business management education the project wishes to showcase the potential of VR to business professors and business students of today, so that they can bring their knowledge and VR skills to industry of tomorrow. VRinSight project is co-funded by the Erasmus program of the European Union.

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