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Unleash the power of XR with 5G, Cloud Computing, and Data Compression

  • 15 December 2020

Immersive experience is about providing users with realistic content in terms of depth, parallax, degrees of freedom. It means a large volume of data to process, store and distribute through 3D mesh models, point clouds and other volumetric data. When it goes further to XR experiences, localization, personalization, real/virtual fusion and interactivity bring additional dimensions. XR experiences thus also mean mobility, tracking and lightweight devices. To address these challenges, 5G, cloud computing and data compression are relevant technologies to drive the deployment and adoption of XR. In this session, our experts will share their vision of, i) data at the core of XR and AR cloud infrastructures to support contextual data manipulation, ii) 5G and edge computing to support spatial computing and XR experiences deployment, iii) new and future video compression and distribution formats at the service of volumetric data distribution and cloud gaming architectures, iv) and how all these technologies unlock the deployment of XR, in particular for movie content.


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