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Immersive technology for AEC : XR is not BIM

  • 16 December 2020

The Architecture-Engineering-Construction sector (aka AEC) is a perfect match for immersive technologies and simulation of virtual environments, since space, its understanding and exploration, lies at the very centre of what can be best visualized and prototyped in XR. Indeed, when dealing with infrastructures, ground, and surroundings, accurate data is key. Immersive technologies offer quick access to information and data, thus gaining in sustainability, efficiency, time, and ultimately costs. Furthermore, real-time feedback, meaning design interacting with its environment, and the inclusion of new metrics like sound, will flourish and become mainstream practice. Spatial computing will play a key role in new Virtual Construction and Design methods which are now being adopted by the industry. This goes beyond BIM and its measuring and simulating functions. Space is also a concept that is related not only to AEC but to entertainment, culture, and other art forms that engage with it and its new virtual rendering. The conference is organized in partnership with Virtual Switzerland.


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