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EUROFEST XR - Private meeting

  • 16 December 2020

The NEW Eurofest XR assocaition is a professional, collaborative and participatory think-tank and network of European XR festivals, events and markets. Its goals are (1) to ensure the best possible distribution of European XR works, (2) to explore possible collaborations with other members to better support the XR artists and producers by supporting their participation and visibility in as many European Festivals as possible, (3) to limit the costs of XR equipment for its members, (4) to foster knowledge exchange and sharing of best practice inside the association and support international collaboration and curation ideas, (5) to start working on frameworks and standards for the XR industry in order to strengthen the European Ecosystem in that field, (6) to strengthen the European Ecosystem with a better visibility and publicity as association, and (7) to highlight real world examples for year-round venues to learn exhibition practices and develop feasible distribution models for work beyond the festival circuit.

Eurofest XR will officially its activities at Stereopsia 2020.