A few days prior to Stereopsia, you will receive an email with a link to download the app and your personal code to access the virtual world.

There are ways to access the Stereopsia Virtual Platform:

  • Desktop application (PC-Windows – Mac-OSX)
  • VR Tethered headset (Oculus Rift/S, HTC Vive)
  • VR Non-Tethered headset (Oculus Quest 1 or 2)

To access the virtual world with a headset, please make sure you send us beforehand the email with which you registered with Oculus/VivePort.

Once you are in, you will be asked to set up your avatar (physical appearance) and name.
Please use a name with which you will be recognized by your peers.
Please bear in mind that insults and swearwords are punishable offences.

Then, enter in the ENTRANCE AREA. There, you can teleport (via the elevator) to the AGORA, which is the central area of Stereopsia, with booths, bar, networking area, and access to the conference rooms, line-up & B2B, etc.


    To receive an access code, you must be registered to Stereopsia. If you are registered and the access code you received is not working, please contact Anaïs LEONARD ( - +32 473 12 22 36). 

    On the desktop version, a security warning might appear. You can safely bypass the message and open anyway. Please note that you may have to check your security settings to do so / open the app with administrator’s rights.

    If you are in the Agora, please bear in mind that anyone passing through your voice circle can hear your conversation. To enjoy a private discussion with a participant, please use the Meeting Room. To book a meeting, please contact François LOUIS or use the Swapcard app.

    1. Go to the Swapcard app or contact François LOUIS inside the platform, or by email franç or text +32 472 01 22 61.
    2. Enter the Stereopsia Event on the app. You received an invitation email from Swapcard. Don’t forget to check you spam box.
    3. In the list of attendees, look for the person you wish to book a meeting with.
    4. Click on their profile.
    5. Select “Book a meeting’’.
    6. Pick your time slot and table number.
    7. Go to the Meeting Room in the Virtual Platform, click on your table number (a yellow circle should appear) and enjoy your private meeting

    Please use the Swapcard app to see who is attending Stereopsia 2020.

    Please, try to re-download the app. If you still cannot access the platform, please contact INVR.SPACE - +49 30 62739884.

    We kindly ask all our Speakers to present themselves 15 minutes before the start of their session. Your access code should give you the rights to go on the stage and speak to the audience. If not, please contact Anaïs LEONARD at the Info Desk in the Agora (or - +32 473 12 22 36).

    Please make sure your MIC isn’t used by another app on your device and that it is enabled inside the platform. If the problem remains, please check your MIC settings on your device and inside the app. Resizing your window screen can also fix this kind of technical issue.

    1. During the presentations, your microphone is disabled in the conference rooms. To talk to someone, please use the private chat option.

    Click on the person’s avatar, then select Private Chat and start typing.

    1. After the presentations, a MIC AREA will be enabled in front of the stage.
    2. Please wait until the Moderator or Speaker allows someone to ask a question. Stick to one question, be concise, and please do not hog the conversation.

    Please do not use the chat box to ask your questions.

    1. Enter the MIC AREA to ask your question and please go straight to the point. Once you asked your question, please leave the box to let someone else enter it.
    2. If you could not ask your question during the conference, join the Agora and feel free to chat with the Speaker or Moderator after the conference or during the networking session at 9pm CET.

    We kindly ask all our speakers to present themselves 15 minutes before the start of their session. Your access code should give you the rights to go on stage, and manage your slides. If not, please contact Anaïs LEONARD at the Info Desk in the Agora (or - +32 473 12 22 36).

    Please note that updates on your booth cannot be made once the event has started. Thank you for your understanding.

    Please make sure you sent us your VivePort/Oculus registered email beforehand. You should have received an email with the invitation to download the app. Once downloaded, the Stereopsia app should be in the menu, at the bottom of your headset.

    If you did not send us your registered email, you cannot access the platform via your headset. Thank you for your understanding.

    Make sure the battery of your controllers are not dead. This is a technical issue from your headset.

    Please check the volume settings of your device and inside the platform (MENU – SETTINGS). If the problem remains, try restarting the app or resizing your window screen in the settings.

    We recommend using a headphone with a MIC for a better experience.

    Sometimes, there's a traffic jam at the entrance of a conference room. Please go back further from the door, and aim at the door, when it changes color, double-click on it. If it still doesn't work, wait and try a little bit later.