World Immersion Forum

Brussels - Belgium
14 - 15 - 16 December 2020

Recognized as the friendliest XR event

Now in its 12th edition - We're not rookies

International experts from all 5 continents

Cross-fertilization between diverse audiences

Only European event to hand out Lumiere Awards

AR & VR content line-ups


A peer-reviewed scientific conference


XR technologies presented in demos, booths, and conferences


AR & VR line-ups, demos. VR Cinema, and conferences.


NEW! Digital culture, XR in museums.

General audience

FREE. 5 days of AR and VR demos open to the public.


Attended in 2019

Muki Kulhan,
Muki-International, Ltd. United Kingdom

Stereopsia is a fantastic mix of specialists in our XR industry, academia, and curious punters from all corners of Europe and the world, brought together to learn, grow and share the endless possibilities of our exciting new tech adventures.

Attended in 2019

Peganov Entertainment GmbH, Germany

We heard from Stereopsia at Biennale 2019. Impressed by the presentation of this networking platform, we decided to come to Stereopsia 2019 in Brussels. The organisers kindly provided not only usual information about schedules & wonderful apps, but also helped to make our experience quite unique: for the first time we achieved all our purposes coming to a forum/festival as first-timers. To conlude, on behalf of Peganov Entertainment GmbH, I strongly recommend people working in cinema and theatre to come to the next Stereopsia. You will feel the strenth of professional community and hospitality of the board team!

Attended in 2019

Volucap, Germany

Stereopsia is an absolutely unique high-class event to enjoy the powerful advantages of digital transformation and innovations.

Attended in 2019

Michael LUDDEN,
Bose Corporation, USA

Stereopsia is a one-of-a-kind international forum, gathering many of the worldwide leaders in XR together, and showcasing many different industries and interests. I had a blast both speaking at and attending several masterclasses and sessions during the conference, and hearing from some of the best academics, private and public sector leaders - highly recommended!

Attended in 2019

Geraldine FAUVILLE,
Stanford Univeristy, USA

I had the chance to attend my first Stereopsia Conference in December 2019. I enjoyed the wide range of XR professionals such as artists, researchers and techies. The speakers were of great quality and the keynotes were of outstanding quality. I met several professionals that I hope to collaborate with in the future. Thank you to the Stereopsia Team and look forward to Stereopsia 2020!

Attended in 2019

Digital Domain, USA

I very much enjoyed my first Stereopsia. I found the attendees diverse, knowledgeable and engaging and I will definitely come back next year.

Attended in 2018

François KLEIN,
Digital Rise, France

Stereopsia is a unique event that gathers worldwide professionals to present the state-of the-art image industry at a perfect time of year. Hosted in Brussels (Belgium), it is an event where you can meet active people from the whole industry. The professional conferences are of high quality and give an overview of the production, and give the participants new perspectives for content creation, from stereoscopic movie to immersive content.

Attended in 2017

Women in Virtual Reality, USA

The 2017 Stereopsia conference in Brussels was a fantastic opportunity to see some ground-breaking work in VR & immersive storytelling, and to meet the people creating the technology & language of the new, transformative, medium. I also enjoyed the opportunity to talk about the role of women in building both the technology & the content to an audience that cared about the issue. I hope to see more recognition of the role of women and other underrepresented groups.

Latest news


Stereopsia Online

Stereopsia launches a NEW series of online rendez-vous consisting of talks on immersive technologies and trends. There should be 4 virtual talks (on one or several platforms) throughout the year, with invited XR experts. The first rendezvous of Stereopsia Online will take place on 2 July at 3PM (CEST) and will give an overview of the XR sector in Latin America.